Miami Dolphins Week 10 Game Balls


Despite the loss on Sunday to the Detroit Lions, the Miami Dolphins had a couple of players that shined and here on Monday, deserve to get their game ball.

There is  not a need to go into why’s or what’s so let’s just get to it shall we?

Jelani Jenkins:

Is there any player on the Miami Dolphins who is a bigger surprise than Jenkins? If there is I couldn’t tell you who. Jenkins put up seven tackles and a sack on Sunday and was disruptive the entire game. The Dolphins headed into this season needing to solve the LB position and it appeared that 2015 would be a LB off-season. The team won’t need to look for one position as Jenkins has it locked down.

Cam Wake:

Really getting bored, not really, with putting Wake on this list but he just keeps playing at a high level. In fact this is the first season since he came to Miami that I can recall no-quit in him. Oh I’ve seen it, first hand and up close actually, but not this year. This may not be Wake’s best statistical year but I think it’s his best play in his career.  He added two sacks on Sunday.

Ja’Wuan James:

When I asked if anyone was as surprising as Jenkins, James was who popped into my head. I love this kid. Everything about him. On Sunday he made the switch to left tackle after the team lost Branden Albert and it was seamless. James will be the teams new LT now that Albert is out for the year so we will see if his level of play can continue.

Brent Grimes:

Grimes was tasked with stopping Calvin Johnson. Megatron vs. Optimus Grimes as a member of Finheaven dubbed it. Grimes gave up 113 yards to Johnson on seven catches but one of those was a 49 yard touchdown. So in reality it was like six catches for about 63 yards if you take out that one play. Without question though the best play of the day was Grimes’ one handed interception in the end zone that he laid out for.

Earl Mitchell:

I can’t recall if Mitchell has been given a game ball this year or not but there is no question that he deserves one this week. Mitchell blocked the FG attempt that led to Miami’s only touchdown of the game and was disruptive up front putting pressure on Matt Stafford and collapsing the pocket. The Dolphins defense as a whole came up big the entire game but failed to on the final drive. Despite that fact you can’t take away what Mitchell did on Sunday.

Jarvis Landry:

Landry is for real and Dennis Hickey got a steal with him in round two. Landry may not be the best punt returner in the league but he is at the top in kick-off returns and yesterday he added a 46 yard return. If Landry had one more gear in his gate he would have scored. Landry only had two chances to return kicks on Sunday and he totaled 77 yards for a 38 yard average. On the offense Landry added another seven receptions to his season total and another 53 yards.

Who would you nominate and why?