Miami Dolphins Salute To A Soldier Hits Home


It’s Veterans Day and in my household and my family of brothers, sisters, parents, and cousins, Veterans Day is a big deal. No we don’t throw burgers on the grill or run off to church to light candles but each of us in our own way thank the veterans that served this country. Why? Because my family is a military family.

For over 30 years my father served the country in the Coast Guard. I joined the Army out of high-school in ’87 but a knee injury sent me home before basic training was over. The second oldest child served in the Army during the Gulf War and my sister joined the Army out of high-school as well. Then came two more brothers who served. One of which still does. Senior Master Sergeant James Miller. You might know the name and if you have read this site for any length of time you have also seen his picture. Today you can read more about him on where Andy Cohen interviewed him for his Veterans Day AC in the Morning article.

It’s kind of cool to see your brother’s mug on your favorite teams website.

Over the years I have written a couple articles similar to the one Cohen did today and like this article which will appear in Thursday nights GameDay magazine for the Bills game, a previous article I wrote showed up in a Dolphins game day mag as well. So my brother get’s in there twice….nice!

While my brother seems to be the face here on this site he is but one face and only truly stands to represent the entire Armed Forces of these United States. Those soldiers who watch Miami Dolphins football, New York Jets football, or even no football at all. Those men and women who are tasked with helping other nations at the risks of their own lives and believe me what you don’t hear on the nightly news is far worse than what you do.

So with all that being said, take a moment today and thank a soldier, thank a retired soldier, a veteran of any service branch. Shake their hands and look them in the eye and know that they contributed to maintaining your freedom, our freedom. I live 20 minutes from Fort Bragg in North Carolina and I thank a soldier every single day of my life because I see them every single day of my life and while it may seem overdone at times, it’s genuine and truly felt.

Thank you to all of you who have served our nation past and present. May you find peace in your life and may those of you who serve overseas now come home to your family and your country safely. Happy Veterans Day!