Miami Dolphins Expect Full Home Field Advantage


The Miami Dolphins football players will be happy to know that tonights game is sold out. You can still get scalped tickets in the parking lot but the game is officially a sellout and not just one of the typical run of the mill Stephen Ross ticket buyout sellouts either. Has fan interest in the Miami Dolphins risen that high or is the Buffalo Bills that big of a draw? It’s likely both as the playoff chances for both teams are on the line tonight.

Two weeks ago I attended the San Diego game in Miami and for the first time in eight seasons I saw a rowdy crowd with very few empty seats. It was the loudest I had hear Sun-Life Stadium in almost a decade. Of course I only attend one game per year. Regardless Miami Dolphins fans are returning to Miami Dolphins football and that kind of support can and usually will go a long way to helping the team win.

While the fans are doing their part it’s time for the team and the coaches to do theirs. The play on the field has to be at a level that gets the fans riled up and opening their mouths. Nothing like a capacity stadium full of quiet fans. Miami had to take on Buffalo and punch them in the mouth. They have to attack and attack as often as possible and then when they get the Bills down, they need to continue to kick them. They need to learn something from that loss to Detroit and show the rest of the NFL that they mean business.

They need to show their fans they mean business.

Tonight will be the first game down the home stretch of the season. The Dolphins will play four of their next seven games at home beginning tonight but only two of those are division games. The Dolphins will play the Jets at home but will also travel to New York and New England as well as Denver. Miami will play host tonight and against Baltimore, New York, and Minnesota. It makes tonights game even more important for a team already a half game back on Buffalo.

A win tonight will help the Dolphins move from 11th in the AFC to at least 9th and ahead of San Diego. A loss and disappointed fans will walk away and may not return for what could be nothing more than games to finish out 2014. The Dolphins simply have more than their playoff chances on the line, they have their fan support possibly on the line as well.