Miami Dolphins Need To Win On Sunday


The Miami Dolphins played a tough Buffalo Bills team last Thursday night and over the entire season the Bills game was by far the biggest the team has faced since last seasons final two week implosion. Now comes the Denver Broncos and while the Dolphins can afford to lose this game, the reality is this will be as important to the Dolphins as a team as Buffalo was to their playoff chances.

See the Dolphins need to win this game because frankly, they haven’t won this caliber of game yet this season. This is the game that will prove to them they have what it takes to beat the elite teams in the NFL. Consider that their six wins came against a New England team that was not the same team as the one we see today. They beat the Oakland Raiders who still have not won a game. Chicago was supposed to be a very tough game but the Bears haven’t really played anyone tough this season. They beat the Jaguars as well. The toughest games the Dolphins have won? Buffalo last Thursday and San Diego who they annihilated.

Their losses however show something different. The Dolphins have lost four games and three of those teams can be considered among the best in the NFL right now. Detroit, Green Bay, and Kansas City. Buffalo of course was their first loss.

Now Miami is tasked with beating the best QB in the NFL and while the Broncos have had a few hiccups lately, there is no question that Miami will face a very tough team and crowd at Mile High Stadium. To win this game, on the road, sends a message to the rest of the NFL that the Dolphins are not simply challengers for a Wild Card birth. They would send a far greater message that they can beat anyone anywhere.

Miami came close to beating Green Bay and Detroit so they have shown they have the players to do it but they need now to actually see it all the way from start to finish. No more mistakes in the final two minutes. A win this Sunday could shake up power rankings around the NFL and set the stage for a Dolphins run that could potentially net them home field advantage. No it’s not out of the realm of possibility. The two teams that hold the first and second seeds are still on the Dolphins schedule.

So while this game isn’t going to knock Miami out of playoff contention, it could be the very game that puts them in the mindset that they can beat anyone. That is a lot more important to a team that is suddenly seeing themselves talked about.