Miami Dolphins: 5 Dolphins I’m Thankful For


First, Happy Thanksgiving to all Miami Dolphins fans and thank you in so many ways for taking the time to read our site. We may not always share the same opinion and you may not always like my sense of humor and some of you surely don’t like my grammar but you make this site what it is and for this paramedic hack who does this in his spare time, I can’t tell  you enough how much I appreciate it. And I am very thankful for that. May all of you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season no matter how you celebrate it.

The Miami Dolphins are closing in on relevance again and that starts 100% at the top with the dedication to this team by Stephen Ross and CEO Tom Garfinkel to the assistant coaches and those who spend their time working behind the scenes in the offices.

This year I wanted to do something positive instead of the typical Happy Thanksgiving generic posts so I am going to post the five members of the Miami Dolphins that I am thankful for. You might recognize most of the names but I’m sure there is one you will not. With that, let’s get to it in no particular order whatsoever. Also when y0u get a chance today, thank the staff who write here for their passion and not for monetary gains. The staff here is more important than I will ever be and it’s because of them that this site thrives. Thanks from me to each and every one of them.

Ryan Tannehill: It’s nice to finally see the growth that we have all expected for the last three years. We can no put to rest that Tannehill’s development was hindered by the soft offense under Mike Sherman. If what we are seeing is only the beginning of what Tannehill can do under Bill Lazor, then I can’t wait to see the middle. Ryan Tannehill is making football exciting again and while I’m not ready to hand him over a gigantic contract I believe we are seeing enough to think that he very well may be the answer to our QB situation.

Bill Lazor: Lazor has done wonders with Ryan Tannehill and he is doing wonders with the offense as well. The Dolphins offense has the tools to be explosive and I believe that they will turn that corner and become that team who consistently puts up 30 plus points per game. Lazor is a young bright minded coach who has a great future ahead of him. I would love nothing more than to see him as our head coach at some time in the future. I truly believe this guy is going to be a huge success in the NFL.

Dennis Hickey: I laughed when Dennis Hickey was hired by the Dolphins. I laughed at Hickey, I laughed at Stephen Ross, I laughed and laughed and laughed. I’m now laughing at myself. Hickey has done an amazing job this year. His draft has been solid and his first two picks have been incredible. He has a smart head on his shoulders and has obviously paid attention over his 18 years with the Buc’s. Hickey has done more for this team in less than one calendar year than Bill Parcells or Jeff Ireland did in their entire tenure. I hope this is not simply luck on his part this season as he really seems to have a grasp on what he wants to do.

Brent Grimes: No other player on the Miami Dolphins defense elicits this much thanks. There are some young up and coming guys but Brent Grimes is the Miami Dolphins defense. He is a leader by example and a leader in the locker room. His play is unparalleled on the teams side of the ball. Brent Grimes has been an incredible addition to this team and his presence is something the Dolphins have lacked since the days of Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas.

Scott Stone: Scott is in charge of the Dolphins internet and publications department. I met Scott a little over eight years ago and through him I have been brought into the team in a way no fan could ever have imagined. Scott has graciously allowed me and some of the staff here and on my other two sites to come to Miami once a year and participate in an event called Web Weekend. I have had access to players, coaches, and management staff that most fans will never have. I am very thankful for his endless attention and recognition to fan sites. The Miami Dolphins are the only team that does  that. It’s an honor to call him a friend.