Should Miami Dolphins Fire Joe Philbin: Poll


Monday morning Miami Dolphins talk has pretty much centered on the fate of head coach Joe Philbin. Sun-Sentinel? Check, Miami Herald? Check. Fan message boards? Check, check, check. Yes we have too. The point is that it’s a hot topic right now and while most sites are saying they believe the end is near for Joe Philbin, Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel says that according to a “team source” Ross is ready to make that change.

Take that with a grain of salt.

As it does pertain to Ross and Philbin the question of whether one more season will hurt or help the team is up for debate. The Dolphins have improved in some areas this year over last and there is no question that prior to the injury to Branden Albert the team was playing much better. Injuries have been a huge concern for the Dolphins this year and some believe that Philbin shouldn’t be held completely under the knife after watching his offensive line get hurt, his linebackers go down, and his defensive secondary get decimated.

Most are concerned not with the losses but the way the team is losing. The way they are being prepared or not being prepared. Concern over the teams emotions and fight have come into question as well. The team has completely collapsed in the 2nd half in not one but five games this season. It’s a hiccup when your team loses a close game at the end but it’s far more troubling when they lose at the end consistently. Which about the only consistent thing we have seen.

Still there is a case to keep Philbin. Doing so retains Bill Lazor for sure and another year for Ryan Tannehill and this offense with Lazor could be huge. Philbin could and should opt to replace Kevin Coyle and adding a guy like Rex Ryan to run the defense could change a lot of things in the locker room and on the field regarding the teams attitude and desire. Let’s face it Rex Ryan’s exuberance is something that is catching. His team in New York love playing for him. No one in Miami is saying that about any of their coaches.

In the end it’s not our decision but where do you stand on the subject? I think after this we will put away the fire Philbin stuff until next week.