Report Jim Harbaugh Offered 8 Million By Michigan


If Stephen Ross really wants Jim Harbaugh he will have to pony up more than $8 million per season to do it. He may have to anyways. As a huge contributor to the University of Michigan, Ross’ wallet may be a little lighter by way of contributions to his alma mater should Harbaugh accept what is being reported as an offer of $8 million per season over six years to coach the Michigan Wolverines.

The leak of the offer is being reported by and comes shortly after Michigan fired it’s head coach Brady Hoke. Harbaugh has been a rumored target of Stephen Ross to coach the Miami Dolphins ever since Ross was unable to steal him away from Stanford and then the 49’ers in 2009. Harbaugh has been rumored to be on the outs in San Francisco all season and the 49’ers have failed to reach the playoffs for the first time under Harbaugh.

Harbaugh, like Ross is an alumni of the university and it was only a matter of time before Michigan made an offer. The question is whether or not Harbaugh wants to stay in the NFL or go back to the college ranks. The Michigan job is a high-profile gig that doesn’t come along very often. PFT points out however that the leak could be an attempt to up the offers from interested NFL franchises like Miami, Oakland, and New York. If the Dolphins do want Harbaugh to coach in Miami total control may need to be given as well which could spell the end of Dennis Hickey who has not done a bad job in his one season. Ross could opt to keep Hickey to work with Harbaugh but give Harbaugh full say in all matters of personnel.

One thing is for certain, the 49’ers have no say in what Harbaugh does with Michigan. The coach can leave in the same manner as Nick Saban when he left for Alabama. An NFL team however would have to negotiate both a new contract with Harbaugh and with the 49’ers for compensation. It’s likely that compensation could be tied to first season performances. Regardless of what happens, the cards are now suddenly in Harbaugh’s hands if he truly want’s out of San Francisco.