Miami Dolphins Mike Pouncey Wants More Gifts


Here we go again. Lamar Miller is 171 yards away from hitting the 1,000 yard mark and while he downplays the number his offensive line does not. Most offensive lineman take  pride in knowing that they opened up enough lanes to allow a running back to reach a career stat, that’s normal. For Mike Pouncey however, it seems to be all about the gifts. And it shows once again that Pouncey shouldn’t talk to reporters.

When asked about Miller’s 1,000 yard potential and whether the offensive line was pulling for it, Pouncey said, “Yes, we get gifts. When Reggie Bush went over 1,000 he bought us all Segways.”

Normally this is nothing more than a lineman having a little fun at the expense of a teammate but this is not just any player making a funny comment. This is the same player who was part of the whole Jonathan Martin harassment case last season. This is a player who has been accused of bullying, seen wearing a “free Hernandez” shirt, and a player who hasn’t exactly played very well at guard this year. A position that he claimed to be his natural position.

Let’s not forget that part of the entire Martin saga was the fact that several players, including Pouncey, expected lavish dinners at the expense of the rookies, and more. At some point in time you would think that saying something like this would be more or less a comment that doesn’t need to be made. Of course this is also something that happens all around the NFL and is not isolated to the mouth of Mike Pouncey…but a little more tact might be good.

The good news for Pouncey is he does hope that Miller reaches that plateau.”Knowshon went down, so he had to take on most of the load this year, and for the most part did a really good job,” Pouncey said. “We want to get Lamar his first 1,000-yard season, and I think he takes a lot of pride in that. He’s worked so hard to get there. We’ve got two games left to get it done, so hopefully we do.”

With very little left to root for this season, seeing Lamar Miller reach that mark for the first time in his NFL career is something that would be great to see. Like Pouncey said, Miller has really worked hard this season and has been impressive as he has neared five yards per carry most of the season. Miller has been so good at times that it is infuriated fans who have watched the Dolphins dominate a game on his legs then get pass happy in the 2nd half. I just hope his contract is good enough to be able to afford to make at least one of his starting lineman happy.