Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross Announces Philbin Will Remain


The Miami Dolphins won another poorly played defensive game but unlike previously played poor games they won. This time thanks to the efforts of both the offense and the defense. It must have been a great feeling for the owner of the team to sit and watch his team, who for most of the game was losing, finally come up big in the 4th quarter to close out a game. Even if it was against the long eliminated Minnesota Vikings.

I can only imagine the ride down the elevator to the team locker room and then walking into the locker room to see the players whooping it up as Joe Philbin got ready to give his victory speech. It must have been one helluva emotional moment. I mean why else would you announce that your head coach, who many had hoped and expected to be fired at seasons end, was coming back in 2015.

This wasn’t what I asked Santa Clause for that’s for sure. Regardless it’s been said and it’s now done. Those of you with thoughts of Jim Harbaugh dancing in your head…nope not now. Rex Ryan perhaps? Dan Quinn? Anyone not named Joe Philbin? Nope, nope, and nope. Joe Philbin is the Dolphins head coach for 2015. Despite finishing 7-9, 8-8, and no better this year than 9-7. That’s real progress. Imagine performing like that any other job. Not enough to normally keep you in place that’s for sure.

So much will be said about this over the next few days and I am sure that when my swirling headache from simply shaking my head in complete disbelief subsides, I will be more than happy to analyze the volume of this decision. Including of course the likely retention of Kevin Coyle on defense. I mean how do you fire your DC after Cam Wake’s big game changing sack? Surely you can’t ask your HC to fire him now can you?

It was nice to see the emotion on the field this week, it’s easy to get emotional after wins against inferior teams especially a team that has been as I said long since eliminated from contention. It feels like beating the Jets and making it worse was the fact they almost beat the Dolphins today. Not once but twice. In fact had it not been for a timely pass interference call they just might have.

Do you think Stephen Ross would have announced Philbin’s retention then? At least Ross will not face media scrutiny from a botched HC search. He won’t face being turned down for the 2nd time by Jim Harbaugh. At least next year when the Dolphins finish a mediocre 9-7 or 8-8 again they can get rid of Dennis Hickey, Joe Philbin, and Ryan Tannehill all at once when their contracts all end. And then start over.

Somewhere in Alabama or back home around Atlanta my brother Jim is quietly sipping his champagne with a wry smile on his face because the Dolphins gave him the head coach that he wanted. But my brother has known nothing but mediocrity since becoming a Miami Dolphins fan. So why change it now.