Three Miami Dolphins Look To Make History


The Miami Dolphins are rich in history but unfortunately it is just that, history. Gone are the days of Dan Marino, Bob Griese and 11-5 and 12-4 seasons. Gone are consistent division titles and playoff advancement. It’s been rather, tiring all these years. So while this years Miami Dolphins won’t be making history in the post-season they have a chance to make history nonetheless.

In the teams entire history of 48 years the Miami Dolphins have never boasted a 1,000 yard rusher, a 1,000 yard receiver, and a 4,000 yard passer. Not once. Not ever. In fact the Dolphins have only one quarterback to ever throw for 4,000 yards in a season and of course that was Dan Marino. Ryan Tannehill is close.

Tannehill is close but he is not alone in his quest for a milestone. Mike Wallace is closing in on a 1,000 yards and Lamar Miller is as well.

In 1984 the Dolphins came close. Marino threw for 5,084 yards and both Mark Clayton and Mark Duper each posted 1,000 yard seasons. Clayton, 1,389 and Duper 1,306. But Woody Bennett came way short of 1,000 rushing for only 606. In 1991 they had a shot again but Marino came up 30 yards shy of 4,000 yards and Mark Higgs came up 95 yards short of 1,000. Both Clayton and Duper again posted 1K seasons. In 1994 Marino posted 4,453 yards passing and Irving Fryar posted 1,270 yards receiving but Bernie Parmalee could only gain 868 yards on the season.

The 4,000 yard mark is so rare that Marino only accomplished it six times in his career. Bob Griese never did and Jay Fiedler topped 3,000 when he threw for 3,290. Tannehill has surpassed 3,000 yards each of his three seasons. Last season he posted 3,913 yards. Coming up just short.

As the 2014 season concludes Ryan Tannehill needs 214 yards to eclipse the 4,000 yard mark. Mike Wallace needs 138 yards receiving to go over 1,000 and Lamar Miller needs 79 yards rushing. If the offense can generate those numbers it will be one of the best offensive statistical seasons for the franchise. Which only makes the lack of a playoff appearance worse. Regardless it would be a huge building block for next season.

The opportunity is there and would only take one or two big runs by Miller, a deep pass to Wallace to cut the number in half, and consistency by Ryan Tannehill.