Miami Dolphins Top 5 Off-Season Needs

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Get a red-zone target

The Dolphins played much of the season with Charles Clay hurt but when Clay is healthy he is still not a red zone threat offensively. The Dolphins do not possess on their roster a legit big body target who can muscle their way into the end zone and stand their ground. Clay is a good player but he only shows flashes of being great. I am not sure if I would bring him back next season as he stands to be a free agent but I would look long and hard at some of the proven free agent tight ends that will be available. This year I wouldn’t look to the draft as their are too many other positions that need addressed and Dion Sims is starting to play better but this offense needs a two TE attack and frankly they don’t have it. Clay is a good outside threat but not a seam threat and let’s not forget he isn’t a true tight end but a hybrid FB/RB/TE.

Giving Ryan Tannehill that big TE to work with could elevate the offense more and instead of the TE being the check off receiver he would become a read receiver. Clay is only used as part of Tannehill’s progression sparingly and that needs to stop.