Miami Dolphins Year In Review: February

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February 19th

With the Ted Wells reports still settling in on the media, the fans, and especially the organization, the Dolphins fire two members of the staff that were named in the report.

Head trainer Kevin O’neill was released after the report showed him present during racial slurs and comments towards an asian staff member that worked under him. The report stated that O’neill heard the remarks and even laughed about them. In an ironic twist O’neill was voted the NFL’s top trainer in the league and would receive an award for that accomplishment…without a job.

In addition to O’neill the Dolphins fired offensive line coach Jim Turner. Turner was not well presented in the Wells report where he was not only portrayed as finding it all amusing but also took part in some respects. He gave blow up sex dolls to his offensive lineman for Christmas but gave a taunted lineman who was called gay a male blow up doll.

O’neill had been with the Dolphins for 18 years.