Miami Dolphins Year In Review: January

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January 26th

It was a long and confusing search for a Dolphins general manager. When it was finally finished a total of four candidates declined to interview for the job and five others were reportedly offered the job but declined. The common theme from candidate to candidate was not having the control over the head coach.

January 26th ended all that search and speculation as the team announced the hiring of Dennis Hickey. Hickey’s hiring was overshadowed by the fact that two of Ross’ candidates the day before had offered the job and then rejected the offer to say where they were at. This included New England Patriot executive Nick Cesario. Cesario rejected the offer after being told that he could not fire Philbin. The team then offered the job to Lake Dawson who immediately rejected it. The search for the GM was as crazy as any seen in the NFL in a long time.