Could Miami Dolphins Get Chip Kelly In 2016


It’s a dream but you have to be able to dream, especially if you are a Miami Dolphins fan who dreams every year that the team will turn around and become an annual contender for the AFC East title. It’s a dream that has been going on for over a decade and unfortunately nothing that the Dolphins have done in the last three weeks have given any indication that dreaming won’t be part of next year either.

Enter my dream for 2016 and meet Philadelphia Eagle head coach Chip Kelly.

If someone would have said three years ago that Jim Harbaugh would have left a dream job in San Francisco we would have laughed by last year the cracks began to show and it was only a matter of time before the headstrong and strong willed coach and the team itself parted ways. If you talk about Chip Kelly you might have the same initial reaction but thing don’t seem to be too rosy up in the city of brotherly love.

According to there is some discord between Howie Roseman and Kelly. Earlier this week in a surprising move, Director of Player Personnel Tom Gamble was fired by the G.M. In fact PFT is reporting that Gamble was escorted out of the building. It’s well known that Kelly and Gamble got along very well and Kelly tried to get Roseman to keep Gamble. Now it appears that a rift may be starting between Roseman and Kelly if you can believe the PFT observations.

So let’s fast forward to that dream in 2016. If the Eagles fail to reach the playoffs and the divide between GM and coach continue there is a possibility that Kelly could find himself in a very similar situation to Jim Harbaugh and if that is the case there is no guarantee that Kelly will opt to go back to the college ranks where there isn’t expected to be a high profile gig available. If Kelly stays in the NFL, assuming he leaves Philadelphia, Miami could be looking for a new head coach if Philbin can’t finally overcome his own mistakes.

Kelly would be a good choice for the Dolphins and vice versa where the team already has a similar offensive system making the addition of Kelly a lot less likely to need an overhaul of the offense. In addition the defense is good but needs better coaching and the owner is willing to do what it takes to win. Having an open wallet for coaching isn’t a bad thing either.

Regardless it’s a dream and right now a pipe-dream after that it’s a million to one long shot but hey there is nothing else to dream about right now so why not let our minds wander just a bit. The worst part about it is the fact that 2014 is over, Joe Philbin is retained for the 2015 season, and some of us are already realizing that a coaching search is a foregone conclusion. Sad.