Miami Dolphins 2015 Needs: TE


The Miami Dolphins will need to add a tight end in 2015 but who that tight end will be is a mystery. Money will be a contributing factor as the Dolphins will need to add a veteran to the roster. Dion Sims is the only veteran on the team with actual playing time and Charles Clay is set to become a free agent.

Charles Clay missed a lot of time in 2014 and it begs the question as to whether or not it hurt his free agent market. A strong runner with the ball and a solid receiver, Clay has the tools to be one of the best in the NFL but durability is a huge concern for the Miami Dolphins top tight end. Now the team has to decide if Clay’s injury history warrants a new contract.

Clay won’t be cheap but he won’t be expensive either. He is not an elite tight end but he isn’t a bad one either. He falls closer to the top than the bottom but still likely hovers only a little over the middle of the pack. This years free agent tight end class looks to be a good one but this is early in the off-season and teams have are only starting to look at tagging players and some teams haven’t even begun to do that yet.

Hurting Clay’s return further is the development of Dion Sims who showed a lot of improvement in the passing game this year. Unlike Clay, Sims is a better blocking tight end but the Dolphins only have Sims, Jake Stoneburner, and Gerrel Robinson on the roster as of today. Arthur Lynch however is expected back from injured reserve in time for the off-season workouts.

The roster of the Dolphins bodes well for a Clay return. He will not cost as much as names like Jordan Cameron, Julius Thomas, or Jermaine Gresham and the Dolphins currently do not have a proven tight end on the roster outside of Sims and his first somewhat productive season. The Dolphins need a tight end and if they are going to throw money at one in free agency which they need to do in order to have a veteran at the position, Clay is likely the best and most economical choice. If of course the team believes he can stay healthy. Another upside for Clay is his age. At 25 he still has not hit his ceiling.

Broncos Julius Thomas, 27 years old

Browns Jordan Cameron, 26 years old

Bengals Jermaine Gresham, 26 years old

Cardinals Robert Housler, 26 years old

Broncos Jacob Tamme, 29 years old

Dolphins Charles Clay, 25 years old

Seahawks Anthony McCoy, 26 years old

Rams Lance Kendricks, 26 years old

Ravens Owen Daniels, 32 years old

Panthers Ed Dickson, 27 years old

Redskins Niles Paul, 25 years old