Miami Dolphins Joe Philbin Taking Time On Coyle


The season has been over for one week and still Miami Dolphins fans await Joe Philbin’s decision on defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle. Philbin told reporters last week following the loss to the Jets that he hadn’t started evaluating his coaching staff yet. A week later and he appears to be taking his good old sweet time.

It’s not like Philbin is known for making decisions on his own. It took pressure and ultimatums from Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland to get rid of former OC Mike Sherman. Apparently Philbin doesn’t share the same evaluation process that the rest of the world does. Results.

Coyle is a good position coach but in his three years with the Dolphins, serious issues have risen during the course of the season. Bad half-time adjustments, poor run defense, lack of consistent quarterback pressures, and a rotation system that takes the best players off the field when the game is on the line. And it’s something that he and Philbin have defended.

This is why today, a week after the seasons end no one knows if Coyle will stay or go and the reality is that we may not get a formal acknowledgment from Philbin on Coyle’s status. It is hard to imagine Philbin firing his defensive coordinator this year. A new DC would likely only give Philbin competition for the HC job next season. Imagine if the Dolphins fail to start the season off strong and by the bye week Ross finally pulls the cord on Philbin? I know it’s unlikely but what if say Rex Ryan was the DC? Imagine the loud screams for him to replace Philbin in season.

Philbin isn’t a decision maker he goes along with what is familiar. He is too respectful of others to take their jobs away from them. Case in point is Kevin Coyle. With so many coaching vacancies today and likely coordinator positions as well, Philbin is keeping Coyle from finding other work should his job be in jeopardy. Philbin needs to make a decision on him and he needs to do it soon. My guess is he already has but doesn’t feel the need to announce it. If Coyle stays then it was it is and we move on. If he is gone, then let him go.

Joe Philbin has had a week to evaluate his coaches and if he hasn’t been able to do that in that time frame then that speaks volumes of his ability to manage a team.