, the home of the Miami Dolphins, Sun-Life Stadium could soon be..."/>, the home of the Miami Dolphins, Sun-Life Stadium could soon be..."/>

Mr. Ross, Please Name The Stadium JRS!


According to, the home of the Miami Dolphins, Sun-Life Stadium could soon be getting a new name as the agreement apparently ends on January 13th. If that is the case then Stephen Ross must make things right. Rename the stadium, Joe Robbie Stadium.

Hear me out here for a second Mr. Ross, I know there are millions of dollars to be made on naming rights and I’m all for it but think about this for a second. Since the stadium’s name was changed it’s been a downhill spiral. Is it the ghost of Joe Robbie the teams founder who haunts the team from his grave for removing his from the side of the stadium? Probably not but changing the name back to what it was could serve to unite your fan base behind you.

Think of all the celebrity misfires you have made and how the fans looked at you like you were crazy. Caring more about the stage than the show itself. Remember the honor bestowed on the Florida Gator national championship team? How about the trip to San Francisco? Well guess what, Joe Robbie’s name atop that stadium could go a long way to erasing that. Why? Simple, most fans still call it JRS. It’s what it should be. It’s part of our tradition.

Millions can make many a man cringe when it’s lost and means so much to anyone when it’s gained. You are currently flipping the bill for the renovations so that name could really offset some of the costs. So here is a proposal Mr. Ross, do both.

Imagine selling the naming rights to, oh for grins lets say Why not have it Field at Joe Robbie Stadium? Or in the more realistic world, Att&T Field at Joe Robbie Stadium.

The entire bowl area of the field would have the sponsors logo, the name on the stadium could have “Joe Robbie Stadium presents Stephen Ross Enterprises Field”. You get the gist. I know you are worried that people won’t call it ATT&T field but you would be setting a precedent here. You would make the rules. You could still sell the field naming rights and the networks would call it what they wanted but on the field, your sponsor is everywhere.

The fans would be thrilled, Joe Robbie might just stop kicking up dirt on the franchise from below, and guess what Mr. Ross, you might actually find the fan base would start to look at you far more than a billionaire owner who doesn’t care about the history and legacy of this team. You want to start a legacy well here is a great chance for you to do that. Don’t believe me? Look what the fans think.