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A Simple Solution For The Miami Dolphins


A Simple Solution for the Miami Dolphins

It’s the offseason and truth be told, this is where all the drama starts. Rumors hidden agendas and unexpected sources all start appearing, and some of it really doesn’t make sense.  If you start reading all the articles that have been posted about the Miami Dolphins you would think this team lost 16 straight games and have the first overall pick.  It really feels like that.  The fact is that the Miami Dolphins played their worst football when the games mattered the most; in December.

The best thing I love about all these stories are the sources.  An unnamed source has told me this, o a player that didn’t want to be mentioned, or a Dolphins employee that overheard this statement behind closed doors….so much drama.

When the dust settles, all the Dolphins are left with is their record.  The Miami Dolphins are 8-8.  They didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs for many reasons, not because someone heard something controversial at the water cooler.

There are two main issue that the Dolphins needs to address right away and that should be on the front office, to provide a structural organization chart that makes sense and what are your plans for Mike Walllace.

The Miami Dolphins front office organizational structure does NOT make sense to anyone not named Stephen Ross.  Perhaps, Ross has a whiteboard in his office and everything is drawn out for him, but from anyone that is sitting and reading this from outside that office door, it’s crazy to understand. I’d rather take AP calculus again then try to understand who reports to whom and to what extent.   Plain and simple Ross, just need to remove all questions and concerns and have a straight line hierarchy that make sense to everyone.  Not only will this resolve all tension that exists within the organization it also allows for potential replacements (if everyone gets fired for example) to understand the logistics of the front office.

In my opinion, I don’t understand why Tannenbaum was hired and I hope that he doesn’t have any impact on personnel, and that he is strictly part of the financials marketing objectives that Stephen Ross has assigned him.  Dennis Hickey has earned the right to draft again.  When was the last time a Miami Dolphins General Manager selected a 1st and 2nd round pick that started and had an immediate and positive impact?

Go ahead, think about it.

Jeff Ireland – nope
Bill Parcells – nope
Randy Mueller – nope
Nick Saban – nope
Rick Speilman and Danny boy – nope

Basically, take a trip down memory lane and you will come up with nothing.  Hickey not only provided two immediate starters, but compared to last year we saw an increase of our selected draft picks playing percentage of 75%.  No other NFL team saw that type of increase, and how do the Miami Dolphins show their gratitude, by hiring Tannenbaum.

Ross – seriously, get this straightened up as the drama needs to go here. This is a simple communication gap issue that you can be resolved with a news conference.

Next up, we have the Mike Wallace situation.  All trending articles about the Miami Dolphins right now are asking opinions of what to do with this Wide Receiver Diva.  My solution is twofold, but first we need to understand Mike Wallace.

What is Wallace best characteristic – his speed.  He has Randy Moss type of acceleration that can beat out any cornerback playing a cover 0.

What is Ryan Tannehill worst characteristic – his ability to hit the long ball.  Bottom line, Ryan can’t hit a receiver in stride past 20 yards.

The worst thing about this relationship is that these two players are talking to everyone except each other.  This isn’t grade 4, where you tell your best friend that this person did that, and then they hear it from the guy who was eating a chocolate pudding.  Grow up!

Wallace and Tannenhill need to do one thing together this offseason and that is talk to each other.   Tannenhill needs to understand how fast Wallace can actually move.  Wallace needs to understand the release patterns that Tannenhill possesses.  They basically need to become best friends and clear the air.  Now how can you sit at the table after all the silly gossip has been over-heard, simple…act like Men.  Move on, you make millions of dollars to play a game you both love.  Act like it.

From an outside perspective, there has been talk that there isn’t a sense of real leadership in the Miami Dolphins locker room.  Here are two players that can help right ship and becomes the cornerstones of this franchise.  Furthermore, from an owner’s perspective an opportunity to step up and make a clear and decisive decision that will clear the air.   All they need to do is step up and act like men.

Sounds simple, right?