Stop, Miami Dolphins’ Joe Philbin Is Not Getting Fired


You can wish all you want, you can dream, you can hire that witch to cast a spell but nothing you do is going to keep Joe Philbin from coaching the Miami Dolphins next season. No, the team is not waiting for Mike Tannenbaum to officially take over his new responsibilities on February 1st so that he can axe the head coach and finally, no Dan Quinn of the Seattle Seahawks will not be the Miami Dolphins head coach. At least not in 2015.

Rumors began to circulate because Jason La Canfora decided to throw some spaghetti at a wall and then amused himself with the what-if results that stuck.

So why won’t this happen? For one too many people want it to and frankly you don’t have that kind of luck. Sorry but it’s true. You decided to become a Miami Dolphins fan and as such you have to suffer with the rest of us. The real reason is that owner Stephen Ross stood in front of the media and said “Joe Philbin is our coach in 2015”. He has too many mistakes on his ownership resume at the moment to backtrack on this one.

The truth is Quinn is likely going to become the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons who no longer have any other teams needing head coaches. The Jets hired Todd Bowles, Buffalo Rex Ryan, San Francisco Jim Tomsula, Oakland Jack Del Rio, Denver is expected to finalize a deal with Gary Kubiak, and Chicago is close to signing John Fox. That leaves Atlanta with no competition.

The Dolphins don’t have many options right now and sadly it appears that Joe Philbin will not be looking for a new defensive coordinator either. With Kevin Coyle still employed the window is closing to hire a new DC. Those thinking the team is waiting for one of the playoff teams to end their season would make no mistake as most would not find Miami a promotion.

So while we can all keep looking for a miracle that might change the situation with the Dolphins it’s not going to happen. Miami will wait until 2016 or maybe even 2017 to change their coach. So please, stop. Just stop. Joe Philbin is our coach and like it or not we need to realize that and support that.