Miami Dolphins Off-Season Moves Hard With Uncertain Future


The only thing we know for certain today is that Joe Philbin will be coaching the Miami Dolphins in 2015 and the stadium is being renovated. Everything else long term is a complete unknown and this years off-season isn’t exactly going to shed light on what we can expect.

Regardless of weather Philbin receives an extension he will enter the 2015 season on the hot seat and Dennis Hickey by two year association will as well. If Hickey buys the right players and Philbin can coach them they both may save their jobs but it’s an off-season that is unlike the last few as the Dolphins will not have the same open checkbook because the bank account doesn’t have as much in it.

The approach is going to be interesting. Will Hickey and Philbin try and get pieces to win now or will they continue to try and build a young team through the draft? Do they think they have that kind of time. Lover him or hate, most of which is the latter, Jeff Ireland never seemed too concerned about his immediate future probably because he never thought his job was in jeopardy. That won’t be the same with Hickey.

With needs along the offensive line, linebacker, cornerback, and decisions needing to be made at wide-receiver and defensive line, will this team spend the off-season continuing whatever plan they have already in motion or change it?

Last year the Dolphins had opportunities to fix several areas and yet they are dealing with those again this year. Lack of depth killed the Dolphins when the offensive line dismantled and it was worse with a secondary unit that wasn’t replaced as players got hurt, even with the playoffs still a possibility. It was as if they threw their arms up and said “not this year”. Well this year is over and next year is looking them square in the face.

Another factor that should be concerning at least to fans is what happens if they do indeed make changes that have longer lasting ramifications? For example Philbin may not be thrilled with Jared Odrick’s outspoken nature and could let him go. That wouldn’t be a good move for the team down the road but could help them financially this year. It’s hard to tell which direction this group will go but if Philbin is gone next year will good talent that simply needed better coaching be gone as well? Will we be saying, if so and so was still here with this coaching staff they would be so much better. After all we do see that when players leave Miami for other teams.

There are far too many what if’s already in a 2015 off-season that hasn’t even seen the Super Bowl participants revealed.

I make no mention of problems it may bring to attracting free agents but that is because money normally has the upper hand in where players go, especially if the team isn’t a winning one. That being said, players who do want to win won’t look at the Dolphins as a landing spot immediately anyway.