Miami Dolphins Stadium Renovations Are Exciting

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The Miami Dolphins may not be heading into a 2015 season that has its fan base sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of a playoff birth, at least not yet, but the renovations that are going on at the stadium gives fans something to be excited about.

I know, fans are really upset with the quality of the play on the field and many still believe that Stephen Ross is more interested in the renovations and attracting a Super Bowl than he is about his team, but we know that isn’t exactly true. His decisions outside of football personnel have nothing to do with the other. The stadium is one thing Ross can control and while his decision to retain Joe Philbin may not be popular, having an owner who is committed to keeping the Dolphins in Miami and giving fans a top experience should be popular.

The Dolphins stadium will undergo a name change soon in all likelihood but the real changes are happening now. The construction on the stadium began shortly after the season ended and already the blocks of empty space exist where orange seats once did. We have seen some of the pictures but what is happening now at the stadium is far more interesting than the retentions of Kevin Coyle as defensive coordinator.

Throughout the 2015 off-season changes will be made throughout the stadium but the most visible will be in the bowl itself where demolition teams have removed large concrete barriers in order to move the seating 24 feet closer to the field giving the Dolphins far more of a home field advantage. At first thought changes made in 2015 would really show too much. The bulk of the renovations will be completed the following year. Those will include the canopy and the large screen HD monitors in the four corners of the stadiums upper bowl.

While we won’t see the big changes  yet the little changes are no less pretty cool.

We can start here with the bigger change that will have a lasting effect on crowd noise. Notice in the picture (you will need to click it) the current stadium wall and the location of the new stadium wall. The 24 feet difference will add around 7 rows of seating and move the fans closer to the action. Currently the Dolphins have the worst seating in ration to the field. That of course will no longer be the case. Construction to remove this wall has already begun as seen in the picture below. The seating changes appear to be more substantial on the visitors side than on the home team side.