Miami Dolphins Stadium Renovations Are Exciting

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Obviously seating is going to be a huge part of the 2015 makeover. There will be no orange seats in the stadium as they are all being replaced with new aqua seats. In addition several other changes will be made as well. Some less likely to get anything more than a negative reaction from many in the fan base. One of those new features will be 100 level seating areas that are higher priced but come with more spacious areas and more inclusive concession to seat services. Many will believe these changes take away some of the crowd noise and reduces seating in the lower bowl but there are only a few areas planned for this and the seating capacity is minimal. In the rendering below it appears the section will seat approximately 58 people which is a reduction of about 40 standard row seating. There will be four of these sections, one in each corner of the stadium but they do not take up more than one small section of that corner. You can see a better image of where they will be at later in the slideshow.

In addition to these four sections a higher scale seating opportunity will exist closer to the field in one or two areas. Those seating areas will feature more comfortable seating chairs as pictured in the 2nd image.