Miami Dolphins Stadium Renovations Are Exciting

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We have all seen the completed rendering of the stadium project with the canopy and high definition monitors but what we haven’t seen is what the stadium is expected to look like opening day 2015. In the above photo we get a better look at the stadium as a whole complete with the aqua seating, closer wall, and if you look into the corners you will see where the previous page’s select seating sections are actually located.

In addition we see a major change coming the form of where the players enter the field. Previously the players entered the stadium from behind the goal post but that will no longer be the case as that entry point is now filled with seats. Instead the players appear to be entering from the side of the corner sections. There are two access points on opposite sides of the field which appear to be separate entrances for the home and the away teams. Gone is the home team dugout that has remained since the Marlins played in the stadium.

We also get a look at the upper corners where the HD monitors will go. Those sections will remain seatless for the upcoming 2015 season. Here is a look at the screen sizes for the AFC East stadiums and how the new monitors will compare.

It’s hard to get excited about stadium renovations when the team itself has questions about it’s ability to move ahead in the division. Regardless the Dolphins and their fans will enjoy new stadium features that I have only briefly touched on. We may complain about the coaching or the owner but we will still be in Miami to support the team every chance we get and moving forward it appears that our seating will be more comfortable and the stadium will be more enjoyable. It’s not football but it’s still exciting nonetheless and maybe, just maybe, the changes will give Dolphins fans a little more advantage when they do have something to cheer about.

All photos courtesy of the Miami Dolphins.