Is Charles Clay A Free Agent Miami Dolphins Priority?


The Miami Herald is saying that the Miami Dolphins are making Charles Clay a priority and that a contract may be offered in the next few weeks. Is Charles Clay the right type of tight end to invest a large amount of money to? That is a very good question.

Charles Clay is very popular with the Dolphins fan base and well he should be. His effort is 100% every play and the Dolphins need players who elevate their game. He is not a leader but he is not a support player either. On the field his sure hands give Ryan Tannehill a valuable outlet in the passing game. Unfortunately for Clay, it stops there.

The Dolphins lack what Clay can’t provide. A big body tight end who creates space in the red-zone. Dion Sims is playing better but he doesn’t project into that role either. Clay is great from outside of the 10 yard line but inside the 10 he struggles in the tight coverage. His best route in the red-zone is a flair to the flats but it’s a one trick route. Complicating the issue is he can’t run block or pass block very well which makes him more one-dimensional.

Clay is likely going to get a very good deal in free agency and retaining him sends a positive message to the rest of the team. Clay is very well liked in the locker room. It’s hard to deny the good that Clay can bring to the team but cost is something that needs to be factored into it.

It’s likely that Clay will get a contract north of $28 million, more likely in the $30 million range with somewhere around 12 to 14 guaranteed. How that is broken up over the course of the contract will go a long way in seeing the value that Miami get’s for Clay.

I have been on the fence with Clay and in this case I’m neither against it or for it. If the Dolphins retain him then I see where the value is to the team and if they don’t re-sign him then I see reasons as to why. I think when it comes to Clay it’s a win/win situation either way because I do believe that the Dolphins still lack what Clay can’t bring to the table but perhaps that will fall on the shoulders of Dion Sims to prove he can become that tight end or he get’s replaced instead.