Super Bowl 2015: How Will Katy Perry Stack Up?

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Beyonce & Destiny’s Child

The 2013 halftime show was very energetic and it’s hard not to like the sexy Beyonce’ but the show seemed more about dancing than singing and frankly that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Beyonce’ did her thing and when she was joined on stage by the other girls from Destiny Child the show got hotter but unfortunately that reunion was short lived. While Kelly Rowland and Denise Williams pumped up the volume and the energy level, Beyonce’s choice to end the show with a more toned down “Halo” was anticlimactic.

Katy Perry

Perry might try to match the energy level of Beyonce’s halftime show but she won’t. Very few performers can and there is nothing wrong with that. Perry has a totally different style and her stage shows tend to be less sex appeal driven and more playful with sex appeal thrown in as an afterthought.

Who’s show will be better?

It’s a push because the appeal is about the same. Perry is more pop star while Beyonce’ is more dance. Energy wise I don’t think Perry can reach the same level but vocally she should be able to rise above what Beyonce’ delivered simply because a lot of Beyonce’s lyrics were lost in the show.