Super Bowl 2015: How Will Katy Perry Stack Up?

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Black Eyed Peas with Usher & Slash

Talk about a mixed bag of music here. The show was non-directional and became lost to fans. Usher showed off the fact he could dance but the Black Eyed Peas simply couldn’t get it to work. Fergie who is a normally reliable performer came up flat as did the rest of the band. The music should have been hot as they mixed in some of their popular hits so why it fell flat is anyone’s guess. It just didn’t seem like they were having fun and Will I. Am appeared to simply go through the motions. The band went on a hiatus not too long afterwards.

Katy Perry

This is the kind of show that Perry should match in terms of expectations. She and the Peas are similar to each other in terms of pop music and demographics so it will be interesting if Perry can put on a more entertaining and focused show.

Who’s show will be better?

If Katy Perry can’t do a better job than the 2011 halftime show, well, she really can’t…can she?