Cameron Wake: Player, Teammate, Mentor


The NFL, a league filled with controversy over violence and abuse, also contains meaningful success stories. One success story that stands out for the Miami Dolphins is All-Pro defensive end, Cameron Wake.

Wake, who went un-drafted in the 2005 NFL Draft only to become disposed of by the New York Giants that offseason, is making a name for himself on and off the field.

On the field, Wake is described as a “beast”, a man quarterbacks fear and have to game plan for. Off the field, he is a mentor, a person that everyone should look up to.

In his personal blog, Wake recently wrote about his mentorship in the NFL, and how to use your time in the NFL. In what is an inspiring read, Wake recalls looking up to Dolphin’s legend Jason Taylor, who took Wake under his wing coming into the NFL.

Wake attributes his success to his experiences from playing with his teammates and ultimately giving back to the younger players who make it to the NFL.

In his blog, Wake describes the life of an NFL player, all of the free time they have over the off-season and how every decision can impact their career.

"“I have a game on Sunday, and maybe I didn’t quite understand that new play coach put in. Is Xbox going to be able to help me with that play? Is anyone at the club in South Beach going to be able to tell me how to cover this new receiver that I’m playing on Sunday? Those are the choices you have to make because on Sunday, I guarantee you, the lights are going to shine on you regardless if you are prepared or not. And the fans, the coaches, they won’t be asking you how much fun you had on Thursday night. Being a professional is making the right choices, not just sometimes, but all the time.”–Cameron Wake, Rookie Mentorship: Paying It Forward"

Throughout his post about rookie mentorship, Wake attributes professionalism to being a professional athlete in the NFL. With endless scandals occurring in the NFL, Wake notes that rookies should not take their experiences for granted, nothing is given in the NFL.

With nothing being given, Wake takes leadership in the locker room, earning him the responsibility of defensive team captain. Wake notes he takes responsibility for looking over the rookies and he makes sure they know the implications of their decisions.

"“Every year I see the rookies come in, and every year I say, “Listen, this is a big league, son. This is not college anymore. To whom much is given, much is expected and required. You have a big responsibility, not only to yourself and your family members, but to your teammates and your city to do whatever you can to come on Sunday and play at the highest level.”–Cameron Wake, Rookie Mentorship: Paying It Forward"

Wake doesn’t only preach about the rookie’s long road to the NFL, he also endured it.

After not playing football for nearly a year after being cut by the Giants, Wake eventually signed with the BC Lions, a Canadian football team located in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, Wake became accustom to playing a long season, due to the 18 game Canadian schedule. Here, Wake learned what it takes to get to the NFL and to take nothing for granted. Following his 2007 season with the BC Lions, Wake notably received 19 calls from NFL coaches, one of which was the Miami Dolphins.

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  • Since signing with the Dolphins, Wake has become one of the most dominant defensive lineman in the NFL. Wake, who is a four-time pro bowler takes pride in his success on the field, but also values his time with the younger players.

    When looking at young talent on the Miami Dolphins defensive line, you look at players like Dion Jordan, Terrence Fede, and Derrick Shelby, you realize how prosperous this depth chart can be.

    But not only do the players have to dedicate their time and their abilities on the field, they also had to make the right decisions off the field. Cameron Wake has made the right choices.

    Click here to view Cameron Wake’s blog: Cameron Wake: Rookie Mentorship: Paying It Forward