Could The Miami Dolphins Host A U of M Reunion?


Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel tweeted the following message yesterday that created a sense of intrigue to all  Miami Dolphin Fans:

Omar Kelly @OmarKelly · 8m 8 minutes ago
Right now, if I’m the #Dolphins I put a 2-year, $10M contract on the table for Wilfork, Rolle and Andre Johnson & say “Come home!”

Let’s take a moment and realistically think this over. Can the Miami Dolphins actually make a play for all three former Hurricanes?  If the desired salary cap of 2 year, 10 million contract is on the table, what are the odds that’s these players are reunited with their roots.

Vince Wilfork – DT

  • Based on the rumours that are circulating it seems that Wilfork is looking for a 3 year deal around 12 million. Vince is getting old, and on the wrong side of 30, might be looking for a reasonable deal for the next few years.  A pairing of Wilfork and Suh would be crazy. Whom better to mentor Suh then Vince. Add the fact that Vince  still has a home in Miami,  and the opportunity to play against the Pats twice a year, this idea might seem like a perfect match.  The only downside, if Wilfork was to sign, the Miami Dolphins would have to release Earl Mitchell.

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  • Antrel Rolle – FS

    • When Rolle first became a Free Agent a few years ago there was already a direct relationship that he would sign with the Miami Dolphins alongside Karlos Dansby – however – it was later determined that it was just a ploy to get his contract value up. Similar to Vince, Rolle is on the wrong side of 30, but has a few years left as Rolle plays the Safety position, a dire need right now, as currently the Dolphins starting Free Safety would be Jordan Kavoc.  Pairing Rolle with Rashad Jones, would form one of the best safety combinations in the AFC.

    Andre Johnson – WR

    • With the Miami Dolphins releasing Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson, there is a need for them to address the Wide Receiver position.  Andre Johnson is no longer the dynamic outside threat that he was a few years back, Johnson will now have to cater his game to a possession type receiver that can move the changes and create mismatches on any given Sunday. Johnson does still possess the attributes to be a game breaker, but it would have to be in the right position.  Pairing Johnson with Wallace and Landry, would be an ideal match.  Johnson would also provide the veteran leadership to wide receiver group that is surely lacking a mentor.   Similar to Vince, AJ is looking for a 3 year deal around 12 million – a happy compromise would be exactly what Omar tweeted.

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  • Each player that is listed below would fulfill a need on a roster that is being made over.  The potential 2 year deal is an ideal match. All players would love to end their careers where they begin, it is a story book ending.  Signing these players would not only allow this fairy tale to come true, but it would excite the fan base drastically and provide a positive spin on team that is in need of positive media spin.  Dennis Hickey and Mike Tannebaum need to play some old school music, and start thinking about making moves that has everyone feeling good.