Miami Dolphins’ Biggest Challenges

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Week 10: Philadelphia Eagles

The hazy quarterback situation can make it easy for people to over look the Eagles as a tough opponent. What will make them tough, however will be their ability to ground and pound teams into dust. The Eagles got rid of LeSean McCoy but brought in both DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews to replace him.  Murray played his first ever sixteen game season last year and ran for a whoppping 1,845 yards and thirteen touchdowns ( Ryan Matthews gives the Eagles an excellent speedy compliment to Murray that gives them arguably the best one-two punch in the league. That one-two punch could do a lot of damage to the Dolphins’ season.

By this point the Dolphins will be in a full fledged playoff race. If this year will be anything like the last two years then that playoff race will include just about every team in the AFC. This will be a must win game for the Dolphins and will all come down to how much their run defense has improved (a common theme this season). If the Dolphins can stop or even just slow down the Eagles’ backfield then they’ll force them to put the ball into the hands of Bradford, Sanchez, or Tebow and then the Dolphins will undoubtedly win this game.

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Eagles may want to consider pros and cons of trading up for Tyree Wilson
Eagles may want to consider pros and cons of trading up for Tyree Wilson /

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  • The Eagles have a good but not great defense which is good news for Ryan Tannehill and co. This will not be an easy game for the offense by any means but it is definitely possible for Tannehill to have a big game. At this point in the season the Dolphins need a huge game out of Tannehill. It’s no secret that the Dolphins have disappointed down the stretch the last two years. If the Dolphins show up hot and ready to go then they will win this game. Winning this game could help them finally step into the post season.