Phins At 50: Top 10 Backs

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No. 10 – Lamar Smith

The last time the Dolphins won a playoff game was because of this man. Smith rushed for 209 yards on 40 carries in a 23-17 overtime victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Smith provided essentially all of the offense that day as Jay Fielder threw three interceptions and was limited to 187 yards passing.

Smith was a journeyman back during his career, playing for Seattle and New Orleans before coming to Miami at the age of 30. His two seasons for the Dolphins were the best in his career breaking the 1,000 yard mark in 2000 and rushing for 968 yards in 2001. He would then become expendable once the Dolphins acquired Ricky Williams.

Smith’s record-breaking playoff performance and his ability to carry the workload for the Dolphins offense at an age when most running backs break down is good enough to secure the 10th spot on the all-time list.