Phins At 50: Top 10 Backs

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No. 9 – Lamar Miller

The only player actively on the Dolphins roster on this list, Miller has the potential to rise or completely fall off the chart depending on how this next season plays out.

Right now, Miller stands out as one of the best despite having minimal reps and yards in his rookie campaign and a sub par sophomore season. But where Miller separates himself from the pack is in his 2014 campaign. Last season, he was right in the thick of things with the elite backs of the league.

Miller’s 97-yard scamper against the New York Jets beats out the next longest run in franchise history by 20 yards. And compared with the other backs in Dolphins history with similar rushing attempts, Miller’s fumble totals are a fraction of theirs (four by Miller compared to Reggie Bush‘s 8 and Bernie Parmalee’s 17).

Call this a pick for potential, but if Miller has another season like his 2014 campaign in him then he’ll skyrocket up this list in the future.