Phins At 50: Top 10 Backs

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No. 7 – Lorenzo Hampton

A late first round pick in 1985, Hampton never turned into a game changing running back, but he is one of the best all-purpose players in franchise history.

Hampton led the Dolphins in rushing in twice during his time in Miami despite his team leading 414 yards in 1988 not being something to write home about.

By 1989, Hampton had been completely phased out of the offense in favor of Sammie Smith, Troy Stradford, and Marc Logan. Hampton only rushed for 47 yards and caught eight passes for 25 yards that season. Though he did still manage to take 17 kick returns for 303 yards.

Hampton played five seasons for the Dolphins racking up 1,949 rushing yards, 959 receiving yards, and 2,025 yards in kick returns. His 4,928 career all-purpose yards places him in the upper echelon in franchise history.

Hampton’s jack-of-all-trades style is where his true value lies and earns him the seventh spot on our list.