Buffalo Bills Playoff Drought To End This Year!


It’s been 15 years since the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs. As Miami Dolphins fans we all know that type of pain. Had it not been for the “Wild Cat” and Chad Pennington in 2008 the Dolphins would be looking at a 13 year playoff drought. Guess what? Six years suck let alone 15. The good news is that the Bills will finally end their playoff drought in 2015!

"“I think we’ll be in [the playoffs] this year,” Ryan said. “So we’ll see.” – Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan when asked about the playoffs."

While Ryan is far from his typical boisterous self who guarantees they will make the playoffs, he is starting to get back into form and did guarantee that teams wouldn’t want to play his Bills.

"“I can guarantee you one thing: Teams aren’t going to want to play us, I can tell you that much,” he said. “You’ll see. Hey, come watch practice and you’ll probably come away with the same feeling I have. We’re loaded on defense and we’re loaded at the skill positions. So we’ll see.”"

Of course the bigger question for Buffalo who plays the Dolphins twice this season is whether or not he can find a quarterback that can do the job. Matt Cassel is expected to make the biggest case to start but E.J. Manuel has the most money invested in him as a former 13th overall first round pick. Tyrod Taylor and Matt Simms who was recently claimed off waivers will compete for the third spot.

The Bills of course made headlines prior to the start of free agency when they traded for LeSean McCoy and then signed free agent former Dolphin tight-end Charles Clay. The Bills have gotten better on paper and lets realize that Rex Ryan can get a lot of out of his players but his players can’t simply buy into what he is saying, they have to believe it and make it work on the field. The Bills have a tough road ahead just in the division where they will face a much improved, on paper, Dolphins squad and an improved Jets team under HC Todd Bowles. Of course the Patriots can’t be counted out even with Tom Brady set to miss the first four weeks.

While it’s nice, cough-gag, to hear Ryan talk so well about his team the fact is the Dolphins are set to end their six year drought as well. We will see how this season plays out but right now it’s going to be a big battle for the AFC East. The Bills could be the biggest challenge for the Dolphins this season if they can get one of their quarterbacks to simply manage the game. They have a stout defense and a solid running game behind a better than average offensive line. As I said, it’s going to make for an interesting 2015 season.

While Ryan won’t back down from that kind of optimism he has learned a little bit of humility after his tenure in New York. He didn’t guarantee it this time.