Miami Dolphins 50 At 50: Quarterbacks

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Jay Fiedler

Jay Fiedler was never a favorite of the fan base in Miami. He was the replacement to Dan Marino, was Dave Wannstedts favorite to start the season that Marino was “forced” to retire and he lacked the arm strength that the Dolphins had grown accustomed to. The Dolphins transitioned to a more balanced offense as they transitioned to a more run oriented offensive system over the next few years.

While Fiedler never possessed the arm strength he more than made up for his passing inadequacy by being a gritty hard nosed footballer he could use his legs and intelligence to move the ball down field. Fiedler led the Dolphins from 2000 to 2004 and took the team to two playoff appearances under Dave Wannstedt. It’s not surprising that Fiedler’s passing statistics don’t rank highly within the NFL but on the Dolphins he finds himself in third or fourth all time over the Dolphins 50 years of existence.