Miami Dolphins 50 At 50: Quarterbacks

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Chad Pennington

Jim Rassol – Sun-Sentinel

Chad Pennington played only two seasons with the Dolphins and was injured for his 2nd season. Despite that short tenure, Pennington was a leader on and off the field and helped instill professionalism at the position in his work with Chad Henne. Pennington’s one season as a full season starter ended with a playoff appearance in 2008. Both on his shoulders and the use of the Wild Cat package, Miami finally ended a long playoff drought.

Chad Henne

Chad Henne is, “not going to change the way I play”. Photo courtesy Miami Sun Sentinel.

Despite Chad Henne’s lack of arm strength, accuracy, and leadership on the field, he still manages to rank 4th in passing yards in Dolphins all-time history. Henne had a lot of problems with his game from the start but a serious lack of individual coaching never let him truly achieve his potential.