Miami Dolphins 50 At 50: Worst Draft Picks

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Number 4

John Avery

Jimmy Johnson brought Miami Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas but he also drafted John Avery in the first round of the 1998 NFL Draft. While Johnson worked magic in Dallas he was never able to find the same draft success in Miami especially at the running back position. He wasted the first round pick on Avery but also wasted picks on Cecil Collins and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. For Avery however it was two and out as he left the NFL to play in the XFL.

Number 3

Eddie Moore

The Miami Dolphins did not need a linebacker in the 2003 NFL draft yet Dave Wannstedt saw something in 2nd round pick Eddie Moore that no one else saw. The rumor was that Rick Spielman wanted the Dolphins to draft Anquan Boldin, a gritty wide-receiver that actually fit a Dolphins glaring need. Instead Wannsted took Moore who would play until 2005, never make an impact on the roster or in a game and would be out of the league shortly thereafter.