Miami Dolphins at 50: Top 10 WRs

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In their history, the Miami Dolphins produced two legendary quarterbacks in Dan Marino and Bob Griese, but neither one of those Hall of Fame players could have reached such heights without weapons.

The most devastating of those options are the wide receivers. Whether it’s through speed, power, or sacrificing their well-being to come down with a crucial third down reception, the wideouts are vital to any offense.

Today, they are known as divas. Sometimes they pout, sometimes they complain to the media, but for the most part they still play a large role by utilizing game-breaking talent.

After counting down the best running backs and quarterbacks in Dolphins history, it’s time to do the same for the wide receivers. Without further adieu here are the top 10 WRs in Miami Dolphins history starting with a few honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Mandatory Credit:

Oronde Gadsden

Oronde Gadsden rarely got his due during his playing career, so let’s give him the credit he deserves now. A hard-working possession receiver, he didn’t do anything flashy but got the job done.

Gadsden put together four solid seasons with Miami from 1998 to 2001 becoming one of Dan Marino and Jay Fiedler’s favorite targets.

At 6’2, Gadsden was an ideal possession receiver, using his height and big mitts to haul down passes where only he could reach.

In his last two seasons with Miami, he only played in a combined 12 games and started half of them. Despite that Gadsden finished his time as a Dolphin 11th in receiving yardage (3,252) and touchdowns (22), 13th in receptions (227), and 16th in yards per game (43.9).

Mandatory Credit:

Davone Bess

Another good possession receiver, Bess lacked the height of Gadsden but put together five solid seasons with the Dolphins.

Bess caught 321 passes for 3,447 yards placing him in the top 10 of both categories all-time. During his tenure in Miami, he never had less than 50 receptions and 500 yards.

However, Bess was traded to Cleveland and had his worst season in the NFL with the Browns. The trade was validated for Miami after it was revealed Bess had some off the field issues. He has since been cut by the Browns.

So while Bess has the numbers, his short time with Miami and looming personal issues prevent him from making the top 10 list.