Miami Dolphins at 50: Top 10 WRs

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No. 1 – Mark Clayton

It really was a toss-up between Clayton and Duper. Duper has more yards and was the speedy deep threat. But Clayton was Mr. Reliable.

Clayton has five 1,000 yard seasons and was four yards away from a sixth.

He leads all Dolphins wide receivers with 81 career touchdowns. He has the three best single seasons in the stat as well.

Clayton’s 18 touchdown campaign in 1984 and his 14 TD season in 1988 are first and second in franchise history. That 18-touchdown season set an NFL record and now stands as third all-time.

Yet, Clayton was a steal in the 1983 NFL Draft. Dolphins fans will remember, or at least long for it, as it was the draft in which the Dan Marino slid to them. While Marino slid to the 27th overall pick, Clayton dropped to the 223rd overall pick in the eighth round.

During the Dolphins trip to the 1984 Super Bowl, Clayton was the model of consistency. He put up 75 yards against Seattle, 95 against the Steelers, and 92 in the losing effort against the 49ers.

Clayton’s production dipped in the 90s, but throughout the 80s Clayton was extremely productive never falling under 750 yards and accumulating four 1,000 yard seasons as a starter.

The pick would complete one of the most prolific passing games in NFL history as Marino, Clayton, and Duper would light up defenses from 1983 to the early 90s.

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