Happy Fathers Day Phinatics!


For all you fathers out there, this is your day. A special day to be praised for being a good dad. Let’s face it, there are not enough good parents in the world and it takes more than being just a biological father. There is so much that goes into being a parent. Support, teaching, and of course a LOT of patience.

While all of you out there celebrate this day take a moment to really appreciate the family that is around you. Remember the fathers that you may have lost or the husbands and see them every day in your children, not just that one day when we get to have an unneeded excuse to cook out or spend time with out kids. We should make time every day to do just that. And our wives, girlfriends, etc…

We all celebrate days like this in different ways. So today I will tell you what it means to me. A father of one and by next year hopefully a father of three as we are fostering two great kids that we hope we can adopt this year.

Traditionally, I would celebrate Father’s Day like any other day. I work from home writing for this site and doing other odd jobs while attending to my children. Perhaps my wife should be the father her since she is the one who tirelessly works to support the rest of us. To her I can only say thank you for your hard work!

Today is a little different though. At least for me. Instead of my normal chat with my own dad this morning, we spent it reminiscing about my mother. It’s been one month to the day that she passed away from surgery complications related to cancer. My father and I cried together, on the phone. We obviously miss her for different reasons and needs but the sentiment was still the same. Life is so precious and taken for granted.

What would I do with a single simple hour with her now? What would I say? Even a minute would be better than not seeing her at all. As Diamond Rio once sang, “One more day. One more time. One more sunset and maybe I’d be satisfied.”

The truth is that we celebrate today for those who are fathers but we should also reflect even a little inwards. I love my father and my brothers who are also all fathers themselves now. We lead separate lives but hold true to a family bond that has yet to be shaken. Take the time to pick up the phone and call those that are most dear to you the ones you love, the ones you have lost contact with, and the ones you may no longer speak to out of some inane argument that happened years ago.

Life is fragile and it hangs in a balance that someone else controls. As you celebrate your fatherhood today…smile. Pick up your kids and give them as many hugs and kisses as you can and then hug and kiss your wife because after all, without mothers, none of us would be fathers.

Have a safe and great Father’s Day!