Miami Dolphins At 50: Top 10 DLs

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No. 7 – Kim Bokamper

Kim Bokamper has an odd body of work to sort, analyze, and place into these top 10s without placing him into two different lists, which was an option. However to avoid redundancy, it was decided to place Bokamper on the defensive lineman list due to the success the team had thereafter.

Bokamper was pretty good at both positions. His stats as a linebacker remain unofficial but he made around 340 tackles as a linebacker, including an odd 20-tackle season in 1981 which would be his last at the position. However, like Cameron Wake, Bokamper was used in more of a pass rushing role while at linebacker racking up 29 sacks in his four seasons at LB.

However, Bokamper’s move to defensive end helped to complete the “Killer B’s” defense. He only put together 12 sacks as a defensive end, but would be a well rounded defensive threat. He recorded as many interceptions as a defensive lineman as he did linebacker (3) and in 1983 put together two picks while returning one for a touchdown.

After Bokamper became a DE, the Dolphins’ success soared as the team made it to two Super Bowls in three years.

That’s where Bokamper made his mark. As he started 12 of 13 playoff games and officially recorded eight sacks half of which came in the 1982 playoffs.

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No. 6 – Doug Betters

Drafted in the sixth round of the 1978 NFL Draft, Doug Betters is a victim of official stat keeping.

Remember during the Armstrong and Cross slides it was mentioned how high up in the sack rankings they were. Well, those numbers are skewed because the NFL didn’t bother keeping track of sacks and tackles for some time.

Officially, Betters has 43.5 sacks during his 10-year career with Miami. However, the number is a little more accurately (and unofficially) in tune with 64.5 sacks which would put Betters a sack and a half over Wake, who is considered second all-time.

In 1983, Betters had one of the best defensive seasons by a Dolphin ever. Betters recorded about 73 tackles, 16 sacks, and four fumble recoveries en route to his only Pro Bowl nomination and was selected as the NFL Defensive Player of the Year as well as receiving All-Pro First Team honors.

Betters started 105 out of 146 games with the Dolphins and helped establish the swarming “Killer B’s” defense that helped to carry Miami to Super Bowl appearances in 1982 and 1984.

Betters was the driving force for that defense and is one of the greatest sack masters in franchise history.