Fantasy football final call: filling non-shows


It’s August which means it’s getting close to draft dates. We have a few remaining openings due to people not accepting invites or backing out.

$100.00 league with payouts to top six teams: 2 spots open

$50.00 league with payouts to top three teams: 3 spots open

$25.00 league with payouts to top three teams: 1 spots open.

Draft dates will be set when the leagues are full so everyone can make the live draft. Please take the time to read all of the information presented before you ask to join. Thank you!

Basic league

$25.00 per team (you can join multiple leagues but not the same league your friends can join with you)

12 teams. Payout is (for 12 team leagues) 1st 115.00, 2nd 75.00, 3rd 50.00 (the remaining $60.00 is donated to the Miami Dolphins charity drives in the name of

10 teams. Payout is 1st 100.00, 2nd 75.00, 3rd 25.00 (the remaining $50.00 is donated to the Miami Dolphins charity drives in the name of

Regarding charity donations: We have made donations each of the five seasons we have done these so please if this is not acceptable to you don’t join a league. Most of the money is donated to the RIDEDCC cancer event that has been moved to February instead of in-season. The amount of money donated equals $5.00 per team in each league including myself.

Larger Money leagues:

$50.00 league – 12 team league with payouts for 1st – 250.00, 2nd 175.00, 3rd 115.00 (donations made to charity as stated above)

NEW 100.00 League – Top 6 teams get money back

This is a new league that I have been tossing around for a few years. There is NO donations made from this league and it is all paid out. Top six teams get their money back!

12 team league only

Payouts – 6th – 100.00, 5th 100.00, 4th 100.00, 3rd 150.00, 2nd 250.00 and first 500.00

What you need to know

All leagues will have 10-12 teams.

All leagues are held on ESPN Fantasy Football.

All drafts are LIVE using a snake format for each round.

All money needs to be paid upfront VIA PayPal. You can join by other payment methods but payouts ONLY are made via Paypal…I can not send money orders or personal checks anymore.

All Payouts are made VIA Paypal

All pay in amounts are due immediately, once the draft date is set you CAN NOT get a refund unless a replacement for you can be found. No exceptions.

If a league does not fill I will refund your money regardless of whether a draft date is set or not.

Rules are subject to change ONLY if those rules were omitted by mistake OR in the name of fair play for each league.

Rosters will be standard size with no defensive players. QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, K, DEF plus bench players

Trades are allowed but are approved by league votes.

I play in each league as the commissioner (don’t worry, I have only won 2 times in five years through about 10 leagues per season)