Miami Dolphins pre-season 1st half rewind


The Miami Dolphins are at halftime of their first pre-season game. They are currently leading the Chicago Bears by seven in a 10-3 game. Like all pre-season games there are good things and there are bad things. Here is a breakdown of the first half of tonight’s game.

Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill was sharp through the first drive and subsequently his only drive. He had one bad throw that was side armed and knocked down by Bears linebacker Jared Allen. Tannehill led the first team offense on an 85 yard drive for a touchdown on 4th and goal from the two. He hit Jarvis Landry on a quick out.

First team Oline

The first team oline looked relatively good for most of their first series. Tannehill had plenty of time to throw and running lanes were open for Lamar Miller. The Dolphins got into the red-zone early but a holding penalty against Jason Fox at left tackle immediately took them out. The drove to inside the five yard line when another holding penalty moved them back. The offense shook off the mistakes for the touchdown.

Billy Turner is getting a lot of playing time at right guard and has looked good, average, and below average off and on through the first half. All in all however he hasn’t played too bad considering he missed last season. I will need to re-watch the game to get a better idea of how he has played.

Matt Moore has looked very poor. In his two series he was completely out of sync with his receivers including his running backs. He had less time than Tannehill but his accuracy was way off.

The 2nd team offensive line has played o.k. but in reality it’s hard to judge them with Moore’s performance. In other words without a rewind it’s hard to say who was to blame.

Rishard Matthews has looked good but Matt Hazel has looked just o.k. Of course Hazel had Moore throwing to him.

Injuries bit the linebackers again. Koa Misi was already out but the Dolphins lost Jordan Tripp to an ankle injury and later they lost Chris McCain to an ankle injury as well. There is no word on the severity.

Will Davis has looked good with the 2nd team defense making a nice pass break-up and making two tackles at the point of reception. The 2nd tackle ended the first half as he kept the receiver in bounds.

LaMichael James has seen a lot of action but has not had a chance to make a big impact in the game in either the return game or as a runner. Oline could be to blame.

Dion Sims looked good in his short duty as a receiver. Jordan Cameron spent much of his time blocking.

Caleb Sturgis connected on two field goals but kicked a ball out of bounds with less than a minute to go which set up Chicago at the 40 yard line. Andrew Franks is expected to see the 2nd half action.