Miami Dolphins receivers shine in first preseason game


It has been a long time since the Miami Dolphins have been able to be this confident about their WR corps. Maybe there were times in the past where they could be excited about one, maybe two, of their wideouts but it has been a long time since they have felt this good about their entire corps. It seems the Phins have finally found the right combination of guys that not only excel individually but also share good chemistry with the QB as well as each other. As Kenny Stills put it today in practice”It doesn’t matter who is getting the ball as long as we are winning”. This attitude is a far cry from a receiver feeling so underutilized that he would rather sit out the second half of the last game of the season against a division rival, cough Mike Wallace cough.

With the first stringers on the field you saw things that you hadn’t seen in years, receivers fighting for extra yards. The only guy that I had consistently seen that out of is Jarvis Landry and he showed it again when he stiff armed a Bear defender on the way to a first down, gaining an extra seven yards in the process. Rishard Matthews didn’t want Juice having all the fun so when he caught a curl a yard before the first down marker he made sure to drive Kyle Fuller four yards upfield to confidently get the first down. These yards after the catch have been sorely missing from this offense. Jennings made sure to make his mark, running a precise route while having Tannehill perfectly put the ball in his hands on a 19 yard gain.

The back up receivers had a pretty good run too with Laron Byrd having the number one catch of week one according to NFL Network. This was a diving beauty of a catch by Byrd which has definitely opened up some eyes. Matt Hazel had a fairly productive game as well. See, it seems that for the first time in a long time the Dolphins have a real difficult time picking who is going to make the roster, because so many of their wide-outs are very good. It is amazing that at this point there are 5 receivers on this roster that could start for most teams, and then there are receivers on this roster that if given the chance could also start on some teams. The Dolphins have a glut of talent at wide receiver, that is all being seen right now, and the crazy part is their first round pick is not even there, and he could conceivably be the best of them all.