Fantasy Football: Where should you draft Ryan Tannehill?


The majority of NFL fans absolutely love fantasy football. Sure, there are those who think fantasy sports takes away that sense of pride and dedication to supporting a home team; but for the most part, fantasy football (and other sports) is a rapidly growing activity and revenue generating industry. Some people bet big, some people bet small, but at the end of the day, you still want to win! So, why and where should you draft Miami Dolphins QB, Ryan Tannehill?

In 2015, Tannehill will enter his 4th season as the leader of the Miami Dolphins offense. As I stated in my last article, Tannehill has improved each year in every major statistical category. Not only has he generated more fantasy points via passing the ball, but he’s also done relatively well in the run game. This year, I expect Tannehill to take it to the next level in terms of consistency, deep ball connections, and ultimately, touchdowns.

According to ESPN, Tannehill’s ADP (average draft position) is currently pick 102. This is putting him in the 8th/9th round in 12 team leagues. In my honest opinion, he’s getting drafted slightly too early. He’s had a ton of “sleeper” hype, which is always an ironic term used by “fantasy experts” because it completely defeats the purpose of him being a “sleeper” due to people jumping on the bandwagon…but I digress.

The reason why I feel this is too early is because there is still some solid FLEX talent on the board in rounds 8-9. Furthermore, you could easily wait until the 10th-12th round(s) and pick up a great QB like Matthew Stafford or Phillip Rivers. A quick fantasy football side note: I think 2015 will be Matthew Stafford’s comeback year after a disappointing 2014 campaign. The combination of a healthy Calvin Johnson, talented new running back (Abdullah), second-year TE (Ebron) and consistent receiver (Golden Tate) gives Stafford almost more weapons on offense than any team in the league. With all that being said, I completely understand reaching for Tannehill, as I think he has the potential to make the pro bowl and be a top 8 fantasy QB by years end.

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  • So, in my not so expert, but decent opinion (I’ve won 3 years in a row in various 12 team leagues), you should wait to draft Tannehill until round 10. This will give you solid options at RB, WR, FLEX, and possibly TE, while also giving you the ability to have a solid QB for the 2o15 season. However, if you’re high on Tannehill this year and want to guarantee you have him on your fantasy roster, drafting him late in the 7th or early in the 8th round is the way to go. Let me know your thoughts on my opinion regarding Tannehill as a fantasy QB this year by commenting below. Fins up!