5 Miami Dolphins players who are not performing

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The Miami Dolphins are expected to make a post-season push in 2015. If they are to make the post season they will need to be firing on all cylinders early. Threw three weeks of training camp, closing in on their fourth several Miami Dolphins players are disappointing their coaches.

It’s easy to sit back and watch the game tapes and pick on players that will likely not make the final roster but the problem Miami is having is that they have players they are relying on or thought they could count on that simply are not keeping up, stepping up, or improving like they had hoped.

This week the team will return home for week three pre-season against the Atlanta Falcons and week three is normally a tell tale game. In fact, week three is the one game that most will put any significance to. It’s the only game coaches will game plan for and the only game where starters can expect to see more than two quarters of play.

With so many position battles going on and only 53 roster spots open, the Dolphins will face tough decisions ahead. On September 1st, five days from now, teams will need to reduce their roster sizes to 75. A very short four days later, they pare down to 53.

For every minute of ever pre-season games, coaches are evaluating the talent that they have and key members of the Dolphins are not meeting those expectations. Here is a look at five players who the Dolphins expected to do more. While all five players could make the final roster, it’s very possible that some of them won’t. The problem is that most of them likely will.