Finalizing Miami Dolphins offensive line


With the fourth and last preseason game completed, the Miami Dolphins gave their fringe players one last chance to make the team.

For the offensive line, only Mike Pouncey, Ja’Wuan James, Branden Albert, Jason Fox, and Dallas Thomas did not play in last night’s preseason tilt.

So after watching all the exhibition games and evaluating the offensive linemen. Who will make the team and who will get cut? Let’s take a look.

Already Cut

Earlier today both Michael Liedtke and Donald Hawkins were released by the Dolphins. Liedtke was released with the purposes of bringing him back to the practice squad according to his agent.

Hawkins, however, will not be back. He didn’t stand out in the preseason and had a few instances last night where he was beat. Nothing out of the ordinary with this move.

Guaranteed to Stay

You know this already. Pouncey, Albert, Thomas, James, and Fox will stick around. They’re 4/5 of your starting offensive line and the backup left tackle.

Jamil Douglas will also be the starting right guard and therefore staying. A combination of his consistent play in the preseason and Billy Turner’s inconsistent performances have made this an easy call for the Dolphins upper brass.

The Decisions

Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins /

Miami Dolphins

Left on the roster are Turner, Jeff Linkenbach, Sam Brenner, Jacques McClendon, and Aundrey Walker.

With six spots taken, only three remain for these five players.

Walker is as good as cut as he really didn’t show much of anything during the preseason.

So who do you cut from the last four? Turner wasn’t up to snuff for a wide portion of the preseason and Linkenbach didn’t look any better.

I think Brenner and McClendon played well enough to make the team especially considering how often they were swapped around. Not many believe McClendon will make the team, but from I’ve seen he’s outplayed Linkenbach and deserves a spot over him.

Miami will like hold on to Turner despite his poor performance this preseason. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dolphins made a few additional cuts. Mike Tannenbaum hinted last night that they could cut down to a 52 or 51-man roster to pick up other cut players.

If that’s the case, depending on who is available, the only survivors here may be Turner and Brenner.

Thomas’ play at left tackle leads me to believe that should injuries pile up, that the Dolphins don’t have much confidence in anyone other than Fox. So the front office may go looking around for another tackle in lieu of keeping nine players currently on the roster.

Regardless my prediction for the offensive line for this season are: Pouncey, Albert, James, Thomas, Douglas, Fox, Turner, Brenner, McClendon.

Cuts: Liedtke (practice squad), Hawkins, Walker, Linkenbach

Who do you think will make the cut on the offensive line? Does Billy Turner’s preseason performance make him vulnerable to being released? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.