5 songs to fire you up for Miami Dolphins football

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A long time ago before I started writing about the Miami Dolphins, I played football. Using my best Al Bundy voice, “I played high-school football”. Every year about this time it’s easy to reflect back on those years. The smell of fall in the air in Dale City, Va. and Sheffield Lake, Oh. The pads fitting over the shoulders and the chin strap making a popping sound as it snapped into place.

I remember sitting in a room just off the field 90 minutes before kick-off. The trainer taping my ankles and wrists. Teammates pacing the small locker room waiting. Outside the stands began to fill and soon enough you could hear the band taking the field. The band got the fans in the mood for some Friday night action. In the locker room the coach addressed the team.

Honestly I don’t remember his pep talks. I was in my own zone awaiting the inevitable. The push of a button the lights turned down the pulsing sound of one song that some 30 years later still runs through my head this time of year.

I have done a lot of things in my life. I have been a paramedic and saved lives, impacted lives, and now I get to be ridiculed by a lot of our readers. It makes me smile. Nothing however will ever replace that adrenaline that came as the song ended, the doors opened, and we marched onto a football field drenched in iridescent light. The roar of a crowd.

Saving lives is a real adrenaline push but I don’t think the patients would appreciate the music in their time of need.

As I sit and wonder what this season will hold I think about the Dolphins players and their practice routines and their pre-game rituals that in all honesty haven’t changed since high-school and college. I have spoken to players about this and they still drift off into their own headphones and crank up the songs that get the juices flowing. They pace, they chant, they do whatever it takes to get that personal edge.

As a fan, I still get that pump as I watch the team take the field for that first weekend of football. I still get that emotional charge watching the opening kick-off and the realization that the season is here. That got me thinking about that one song and then four others. They are a bit outdated but then again, so am I. My music tastes have changed so much over the years that if I put those songs on here you would likely want to kill yourself. Feel free to post the songs that get you going for football season in the comments….and don’t be too harsh with your criticism of mine.

Here are five of my favorite pump up songs to get your ready for the 2015 MIAMI DOLPHINS football season. I saved that song that pumped me up so many years ago for the last one. Enjoy and GO DOLPHIINS!