5 songs to fire you up for Miami Dolphins football

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There are so many AC/DC songs that you could put on any list let alone one that will jack you up. For me, nothing gets it going like “You Shook Me All Nigh Long”. The soft guitar lead intro gives way to a powerful drum beat that explodes into a mix of guitar rift and energy. By the time the lyrics role your head is moving and your blood is thickening.

Shook me does indeed shake you. Headset on and the volume turned up you can feel the vibrations in your head and body. My 11 year old son used to play this every time we took the top off the jeep for the first time in the summer.

In my playing days AC/DC filled my mixed tape collection in prep of a Friday night under the lights. In fact the song was so well popularized that our own media guys would pump it into the stadium prior to kick-off. 1,000’s of people stomping their feet on aluminum benches to the beat of this song was an incredible feel.