5 songs to fire you up for Miami Dolphins football

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The boom, boom, boom of the drum, the clapping of the hands, the build to something more. Queen gave the world a lot of classic up-tempo music and while it could be cliche’ to put them on this list, it’s simply too hard not to pass up.

Queen’s We Will Rock You is a powerful stand on beating your opponent. It lifts the mood and creates a sound that a person can disappear into for a few moments. What makes this song so good is the build up it has in the beginning and unlike most songs, that back beat doesn’t go away for almost the entire song. The song was released and is often played together with We Are The Champions but the tempo changes as the songs meat together and kind of sucks some of the life out of the high. The 2:00 minute version ends before that transition. At 2:00 minutes it’s easily mixable with another high adrenaline song.