Miami Dolphins 2015 game by game prediction

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Sep 3, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow (11) rushes for yardage against the New York Jets during second half at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Week 10

@ Philadelphia Eagles

Many in the media look at this game as though it’s all about the Eagles but Miami matches up well with them. This will be the 3rd of three consecutive road games for the Dolphins and travel is never easy. All three road games however are all played in the New York/New England area. The Eagles have a new quarterback in Matt Stafford and there are injury concerns. He may not be healthy this late in the season as he usually gets hurt by now.

Why Miami should win this game

The Eagles are a tough group but their defense is just a little better than average and won’t show the Dolphins anything they haven’t seen before. The Dolphins offensive line should be more productive and as a result Ryan Tannehill should have time to throw and the receivers time to work their routes. Defensively it will be about conditioning as the Eagles runt he West Coast spread offense and they do it very well. Miami will need to maintain pressure without much breaks. The offenses success will give the defense rests. Weather could also be in play here as well.

Why the Dolphins could lose

The Eagles are a streaky team and it’s hard to gauge what Eagles team is going to show up. If the Eagles can use running back DeMarco Murray correctly they can keep the Dolphins defense from putting too much pressure on Stafford or whoever the quarterback is and the defense can be good enough to keep Miami from scoring too many points.


Miami 28 – Philadelphia 17